Dear Friends,

As we informed in our last communique, we had requested Dr. Minakshi Ray, Pro Vice Chancellor (BA & F) to convene a meeting with teachers to iron out various issues relating to the accounts department. Some members of the executive committee of CUTA had subsequently met her on 7th August in order to discuss about the same. The meeting was cordial. However, Dr. Ray was insistent on a smaller meeting with our representatives and other official to address issues outlined in our earlier memorandum. We maintained that although we were not averse to participating in a smaller meeting, any decision taken at such a meeting has to be communicated directly by her to the teachers in a general body. She promised to hold such meetings campus wise. We were then informed that the smaller meeting would take place on 13th August, 2018 and were invited to participate in the same. While we agreed to participate in the meeting we handed over a list of following desirables that could be taken up for discussion at the 13th August meeting:

1.         Checklist of documents to be submitted against different matter

2.         Orders below 50000/- should not require Pro VC signature

3.         Self-operating project – Either or Survivor (PI / AO) arrangement should be brought back

4.         Cash purchase reimbursement / vendor payment – within 15 days. Bill submission to PR – not more than 10 days. Mechanism to notify that payment is ready.

5.         Fate of bill should be traceable online.

6.         Any advance requested – to be disbursed within one week

7.         Transfer of funds from Univ. mother a/c to project account within 3 working days

8.         GST to be fixed at 5%

9.         UC – SE following audit to be done within one week

10.       Mechanism to issue ‘NO UC SE pending certificate from university’.

Unfortunately, we were informed on 10th August, Friday that the Monday meeting was being cancelled and a new date of a meeting would be intimated later. We are waiting for a new date of the meeting. Meanwhile, if you want to add anything more to the above list- please feel free to do so by replying to this mail. We shall be in touch again with news of any further developments on this.

You would kindly recall that CUTA had earlier expressed its deep reservation regarding a newly introduced system of moderation where teachers were forced to leave behind their belongings including mobile and were under CC TV surveillance. We were pressing for an end to such humiliating arrangement since forcing teachers to leave behind their belongings amounts to casting suspicion on them and CC TV surveillance in a moderation room breaches confidentiality. Dr. Dipak Kumar Kar, Pro Vice Chancellor (Acad.) recently informed the undersigned that a new additional room has now been created for moderation where teachers will be able to enter with their belongings and there will not be any CC TV surveillance. We hope this system would become operational soon.

CUTA has also been following up on the pending CAS promotions with the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor and the respective Deans. As we gather, CAS Promotion interviews are now being scheduled across various departments and we hope the CAS promotions pending as on today shall soon be completed.


Parthiba Basu

General Secretary

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