Dear Friends,

As we informed in our last communique, CUTA representatives participated in a delegation of the Save Autonomy Save the University: Joint Platform of Teachers, Officers and Staff of this university that met the Honourable Chancellor of our university on 29th November (Friday). Here is an account of what transpired at the meeting:

The Honourable Chancellor cordially welcomed the delegation and informed right at the beginning that he would attend the Senate meeting scheduled on 4th December, 2019.

Following this, we submitted a written memorandum highlighting two major issues that included:

1) Our concern about undemocratic functioning of the decision-making bodies, namely the Senate, Syndicate and Faculty Councils due to absence of any elected representatives as per the provision of the Amended Act of the University (2011). Lack of an amended of statute even after eight years of the amended Act came in place– necessary for holding elections also was mentioned. We mentioned that this has led to corrosion of the autonomy of the university governance.

2) Concern about the wrongful termination of Sri Harisadhan Ghosh and university authority’s continued legal proceedings against him even after the observation of the honourable High Court that frees him of any financial irregularity. We also handed over a separate petition signed by members of faculty and staff urging the Honourable Chancellor to intervene in Sri Ghosh’s matter. This was the same petition that you all signed and was to be handed over to Sri Kesharinath Tripathy, our previous Chancellor but could not be done since he left office.

Other issues mentioned that came up for subsequent discussion included slow progress in filling up vacant posts and CAS and erratic transfers of administrative staff causing administrative and academic inconveniences.

Honourable Chancellor agreed to look into the issues raised.

Friends, as we mentioned in the last communique- meeting our Chancellor was our last resort since our repeated pleas on the above major issues have been hitting the hard wall of insensitivity and inaction. It may not be out of place to mention here that in earlier occasion the representatives of teachers and staff were not even allowed to meet (shutting the collapsible gate of the Dwarbhanga Building and using police) the Syndicate members to hand over a petition requesting reinstatement of Sri Harisadhan Ghosh’s service and settlement of his service dues.

We shall continue to strive for improving the academic and administrative ambience of the university and will continue to be on movement path till our demands for restoration of Autonomy in the university is not achieved.

We are but certain that the university authority will also be convinced ultimately about the legitimacy of our demands. After all, we are all FOR the university. Together.


Parthiba Basu

General Secretary

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