Dear Friends,
Calcutta University Teachers’ Association is delighted to see the outstanding achievements of two of our colleagues in recent times.
Professor Chinmoy Guha, Department of English, is nominated for the prestigious Sahitya Academy award in Bangla for his book Ghumer Darjaa Thele.
Dr Punarbasu Choudhury, Department of Environmental Science, is selected as a member of a high-profile team of scholars on a trip to Antarctica to study the effect of micro-plastic in the south pole.
It is very gratifying to see the talent, hard work and dedication of our colleagues being recognised in prominent forums. We congratulate them for their well-deserved achievements, extend our heartfelt wishes for carrying on the good work, and thank them for inspiring us and giving us a reason to rejoice in a difficult time.
On behalf of the CUTA
Parthiba Basu
General Secretary.

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